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Why should you buy only Full Grain Leather Belts.

There is a lot of misinformation about mens leather belts in Australia. Just because it looks like leather, doesn’t mean that you are getting good quality. For example, many belts are made with cheaper materials like bonded leather or pleather. These belts will wear out quickly and not last as long as real leather. They don’t develop the natural patina of full grain leather, so they won’t age well either. Full grain leather is easy to spot too! It has a smoother surface than most other types of leather. Look for thick but supple material that’s durable and develops its own distinct character over time. If you want to know more about how to buy quality belts made from high-quality materials, just keep reading!

The misconceptions about belts

If you’re getting a belt for your pants, then you need one that’s made of quality leather. If you’re buying anything other than full grain leather, it will wear out quickly and not last as the same amount of time. You want to make sure it has a smooth surface and is thick but supple. Full grain leather is easy to spot too! It has a smoother surface than most other types of leather and develops its own distinct character over time.

Why you should buy full grain leather belts

The leather belt you buy should be durable and last a long time. Full grain leather belts are the best option because they will develop their own character over time. They’re made with better materials like full grain leather, which is durable and supple – not stiff like most other types of leather. That means that your belt will wear in nicely and develop its natural patina. You also want to make sure that the belt is easy to spot too! It has a smoother surface than most other types of leather.

Genuine leather
Different types of leather.

What to look for in a high-quality belt

If you want to buy a belt made from high-quality materials, there are three things you should look for. The first thing is full grain leather. Full grain leather has a soft and supple surface that becomes more durable over time. It also has natural creases and lines that make it easy to spot. You can also tell the quality of a belt by looking at the stitching. Good stitching will be clean with no loose threads or knots anywhere. Finally, make sure there’s a metal buckle too! A good metal buckle is strong and won’t easily bend out of shape from regular use.

Where can I buy good quality leather belt?

Making a good quality belt is nothing short of an art. At Koala Wears, being a local Aussie business, we understand that buying a belt is an investment. Good quality leather belts can last a long time and they’re a great way to add a stylish touch to any outfit! There are many places you can buy a leather belt, from department stores to fashion retail shops, but it’s often hard to a place which offers the most premium quality at an affordable price.

At Koala Wears, we offer a wide range of premium quality of formal and causal leather belts at affordable price with free shipping across Australia. So when you are looking to shop online for quality leather belts in Australia for your jeans, checkout our stitched leather belt available in black, brown and tan colour.

39mm Full Grain Double Stitched Black Leather Belt with Roller Buckle
39mm Full Grain Double Stitched Black Leather Belt with Roller Buckle

When you buy a belt for us, you can rest assured that it will be the right size, fit your style and last a long time around your waist.


The resounding consensus among leather experts is that full grain leather is the best type of leather to purchase. It is the only type of leather that has not been sanded and chemically treated, and should last much longer than other types of leather. If you want a belt that will last you a long time and be made of high-quality, full grain leather, then you should buy one for yourself or as a gift.

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Stay in the Loop with Full Grain Leather Belts

Everyone’s closet needs a good belt, but not every belt is good for everyone.

We didn’t mean to get all philosophical about men’s leather belts on you. It’s just that there are various types of belts that are suitable for your waist depending on your style and the occasion you’re wearing it for. While working from home, many of us might not wear anything but comfortable pyjamas; however, there are still plenty of reasons to own a quality full grain leather belt ready to go in your wardrobe.

Men’s leather belts in Australia are a style staple. From classics brown leather belts and braided leather belts to more contemporary options, like black textured belts or reversible belts, Koala Wears got you covered. Made from  100% Real Full Grain Cow Leather, the highest quality of leather a tan double stitched leather belt will add a touch of style to your causal wears and keep your chinos or jeans up.  

Looking for something simple and timeless, look no further; stay in the loop with our black plain leather belt.

Leather Belt - Black
Classic Black Leather Belt

Quality leather belts in Australia at affordable prices which last you for years.  Shop our complete collection online at Koala Wears today to invest in one of these wardrobe essentials. Available Waist size: 30 inches to 60 inches.  We offer free shipping Australia-wide for all orders .