About us

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Koala Wears is a family-owned business, designing and manufacturing the highest quality leather accessories. Since it’s establishment in 2017, Koala Wears has been working hard to create products that are both beautiful and long lasting. Our mission is to share our passion for leather work by creating high-quality goods that will last you a lifetime.

100% Australian Owned

100% Australian Owned and Operated

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Build Legacy

Build Legacy

Building a legacy by creating life-long customer relationships with consistency and loyalty. In order to do this, we have four key values that will guide us: accountability; being honest about who you are (even if it’s not perfect); staying in touch through communication & listening when customers voice feedback on how their experience could be improved or better–and then doing whatever is necessary so they never regret coming back!


Quality doesn’t need a label

We refuse to compromise on quality. We believe our craftsmanship should speak for itself and we are consistent in what we do, down-to earth people who take pride in how well things come out of us when they’re done right!

Innovating to improve

Innovating to improve

We are a fast-paced and innovative company. We never get complacent, because there’s always room for growth in today’s ever changing market! We believe that innovation should be continuous rather than sporadic or isolated incidents like many of these businesses do nowadays – we need new ideas on an ongoing basis if you want to stay competitive as well as provide customers with what they crave: fresh content which meets their needs perfectly each time without fail .

Team Work

Team Work

We are a welcoming, supportive community that has grown in the face of adversity. We have embraced challenges and learned from them together through open communication with each other about what we’re going through on this journey called life! It takes creativity to get things done but it’s more important than ever before not only for our own growth as individuals or communities but also so people can connect across differences using something they all share: stories/creativity which will lead towards empathy.

Our Leather

leather material

Koala Wears is an ethical leather company. Our products are designed to be sustainable and environmentally conscious, and we’re always looking for new ways to make a difference in the world.

We focus on quality, not quantity; we only produce limited quantities of each design because we believe that quality comes before quantity.

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